Experience the extraordinary with Millie. Jordan, April 9th – April 18th, 2020

Millie forges profound connections with people on the ground first. We know that the best way to learn about a place is through its people: their stories, art, craftwork, food, song and dance, traditions. We understand and respect the importance of local insight when introducing a country to Millie patrons.

By connecting with new cultures and new people, pushing our boundaries and leaving the comfort of daily routine, we gain perspective and a better sense of who we are—and where we want to go. We feel empowered to be ourselves. This is what we call mindful travel.

Millie journeys forges friendships, creates lasting bonds and inspires and supports women as they unlock their potential and live their adventure. And we do it with a core group of 8-12 women who are accomplished, diverse and courageous in their own right.

Why join Millie in Jordan?

  • Experience the powerful transformation that travel organically inspires…alongside four to six open, like-minded women who are living their adventure.
  • We get up close and personal with change agents & thought leaders. All Millie itineraries include at least one curated private dinner with local change agents and thought leaders — from founders of NGOs to girl-bosses we love. Being in the presence of women we admire emboldens us, inspires us and empowers us. When you bring women together from all over the world, from all walks of life, from all generations – we are unstoppable. Join Millie for an intimate curated dinner in the beautiful home of award-winning journalist Suzanne Afanah, who naturally creates the atmosphere of a traditional salon: bringing together both men and women to elevate our knowledge through lively, authentic conversation. On our most recent visit, we shared a meal with dignitaries, comedians, TV presenters, founders and directors of NGOs and more unique individuals. It was a fun and magical evening and we look forward to sharing this special night with you too.
  • Meet Turquoise Mountain. Our interactive, hands-on workshop with Turquoise Mountain in Amman demonstrates the poignant, powerful change that a renewed sense of pride and purpose can inspire. Turquoise Mountain was established in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revitalize historic areas and traditional crafts and provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride. In an immersive workshop experience, we will receive a personal briefing from the Turquoise Mountain team about its initiatives and projects in the Middle East and beyond. This is followed by a demonstration and instruction from a Turquoise Mountain artisan who will teach us a traditional Jordanian craft.
  • Local Insight
    Learn about Jordan from the people who love it the most, like Tyseer Alzalabeh, a Bedouin poet and our leader through Wadi Rum whose family has roots in Wadi Rum that extend well over 300 years. Tyseer was born in a remote cave in the heart of the desert. His knowledge of Wadi Rum runs deep. His love for it is unmistakable. Who better to introduce Wadi Rum to us?
  • Experience exceptional beauty, rich culture, incredible warmth and intuitive hospitality of Jordan and its people.
  • To fall in love… with the world, our group of women and The Middle East… as we have.


Curious, reflective, collaborative, genuine

A mix of history/culture, exploration, storytelling, local insight, reflection, connection with new people and cultures. ‘I want to grow, broaden my worldview and cultivate self-discovery… alongside an amazing group of women.’


We can work with you on your needs and everything remains optional. Our January trip is a moderate physical activity level.

Adventuring through Amman, climbing, swimming, snorkeling through The Red Sea, 4×4 desert safari, an invigorating 5-10 hike up the backway of Petra (a local’s way), yoga and more.


Upscale (but never uptight) accommodations with quality service, luxury touches and attention to detail; we care about YOU. Private transportation and exceptional guides that Millie works with exclusively.

Note: we are 100% WiFi-free in Wadi Rum and parts of Petra (which we sort of love… we will disconnect from the world and dive into the world’s possibilities…connecting from within).


  • $5,000 Canadian, no HST charged
  • 50% deposit is due upon booking. The remaining 50% will be automatically withdrawn one month prior to trip departure date
  • Millie trips are inclusive of all meals, accommodation (single room occupancy and shared-occupancy are available), private transportation, curated activities for our group, curated dinners, WIFI sticks, translation and moreAirfare is not included in the cost of the Jordan Journey. We are very hands on and can help with your airfare booking upon request to ensure your experience is flawless
  • Each Millie trip itinerary is unique and subject to change per trip and time of booking

Wellcome to Millie!

Thank you for being a part of our Jordan journey. We are so excited to share this experience with you! We will be in touch soon – look out for your welcome email! With love, Millie

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