Jordan is a relatively small, semi-arid, almost landlocked country with a population of 10 million, making it the 11th most populous Arab country. It has a long and fabled history of remarkable hospitality and warmth: from camel caravans winding their way through the country, to Romans who left behind majestic monuments, to refugees from surrounding countries who recognized Jordan as the safe haven it is. The adventure we have outlined is just a snapshot of what you will experience when you join us in Jordan for this life-changing trip. Intimate, awe-inspiring, moving, carefully curated and overwhelmingly beautiful, this journey is not simply about ticking tourist destinations off a list, it is about surrendering all of your senses to a thriving and captivating culture so vastly different from our own.

And doing so with an exclusive group of women who are accomplished, diverse and courageous in their own right. This journey is about the camaraderie, connectivity and power of like-minded souls living their adventure. Together we will explore this cross-section of cultures, exceptional cuisine, staggeringly beautiful vistas and architecture and stark desert landscapes. Through this exploration, we will unlock new horizons and cultivate self-discovery – in quiet moments, alone, contemplating the vast starry sky and, together, sharing a meal or taking in experiences that transcend words. Our journey is as much about absorbing the wonder and sheer scale of Jordan’s diversity as it is learning about ourselves. These moments are what sets Millie Travels apart from other adventures. “There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand in all the beaches and deserts in the world combined. As handfuls of sand from the limitless Wadi Rum desert sift through your fingers, you cannot help but look up and be inspired…”