Chelsea Brown
Founder & CEO of Millie
Chelsea Brown is Founder & CEO of Millie Inc., a new company that exists to inspire and support women in their journey to LIVE TRUE, believing in the power of new experiences and expanded perspective to unlock potential. Millie offers women transformative experiences in two ways: through an ongoing speaker series, Millie Speaks, and female-focused travel, Millie Travels.

“No one can make you feel inferior without consent” are wise words once said by former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. A guiding principal for Chelsea, she is a firm believer in the empowerment, independent spirit and strength of women.

Chelsea is also VP Development & Operations at Clarity Management Group, a boutique consulting firm specializing in high net worth risk management in the banking sector.

A Toronto native, Chelsea followed in the footsteps of her entrepreneur parents – her mother built a global consulting firm from the ground up and her father owned and operated a successful thoroughbred farm. She has lived in the U.K., USA and Canada, establishing a broad global perspective from an early age.

Chelsea’s active volunteering expanded into philanthropy: She recently championed the film TRAFFICKED, produced by female producer Conroy Kanter and independently brought the Canadian premiere to Toronto to help raise awareness of human trafficking, also collaborating with Toronto-based organization, Free Them.

Chelsea also supports The Pin Project, an initiative that unlocks refugee talent and encourages long-term self-reliance through meaningful work. Pins are produced by refugees, displaced persons or returnees in workshops around the world, with 100% of proceeds returning to create better lives for refugees and their families. This experience paved the way for Millie’s first development trip to Jordan, one of the Pin Project locations. Chelsea fell in love with Jordan, ultimately selecting it as Millie Travel’s inaugural trip destination.

Chelsea is an avid traveler, with a passion to explore the world. But her reasons for establishing Millie transcend travel. Millie embraces mindful travel: a new approach that nurtures global consciousness founded on compassion, acceptance and love.